Web Video

Pique your customer’s interest when they visit your website with compelling video content.

J. Russo Productions specializes in creating innovative business videos to promote your company across the many available of online platforms.

Visual content drives customer engagement; in fact, most of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. And, (as if that wasn’t enough,) visual data is processed tens of thousands of times faster than text. Simply put, your customers want to WATCH, not READ; Best of all, video content results in improved SEO and increased sales conversions.

Does your website have what it takes to engage potential customers? If you are unsure, maybe it’s time to ramp up your marketing with visual content.

How To Increase Your Website’s Appeal With Videos

If you search the Web long enough, you’ll visit a site that features a video on its homepage. In fact, “16% of websites feature video on their home page” (Source).

Website videos are known to improve visitor retention— people stick around if they notice an entertaining video explaining your product or service. After all, prospective customers are much more likely to watch a two-minute video demo of your services than they are to read a long column of text.

Here’s a list of a few user-focused video options:

  • Splash Videos: Like a sports highlight video, only your company is the star.
  • How-To Videos: Explain the best way to use a product or contract a service
  • Company Culture Videos: Show off your company’s culture to prove that you are a trustworthy brand.
  • Customer Testimonials: Could anything be more compelling than someone else singing your company’s praises?

Web Video Portfolio

Click on a video below to see a sample of our Television Commercial Production.

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Rick Bush

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