Web Video

Pique your customer’s interest when they visit your website with compelling video content. J. Russo Productions specializes in creating innovative business videos to promote your company across the many available of online platforms. Visual content drives customer engagement; in fact, … Read more

Television Commercial Production

It’s not always easy for businesses to create compelling commercials. We’ve all witnessed a cringe-inducing local television commercial. Unfortunately, this is too often the result of business owners aiming to cut costs on their TV spots. That’s why it is … Read more


There’s no doubt about it: the Internet has altered the way corporations do businesses; yet, many of the corporate videos floating around the web are drab recitations of facts, features and benefits– most viewers never make it to the end … Read more


Regardless of the product you manufacture, you need to tell your story to potential customers. Videos can help to distinguish your business and increase your chances to provide unexpected service. Many of our manufacturing clients believe that the facility tours … Read more

Legal Media

At J. Russo Productions, we understand that videotaping vital information by a professional, objective third party is the preferred and most effective method for preserving testimony or reconstructing an event when building an effective case. Over the years, our videos … Read more

Direct Response & Infomercials

Direct response advertising is designed to trigger an immediate emotional response from your viewers. This method creatively and effectively influences prospective customers to respond quickly to the advertiser. The distinguishing characteristic of direct response advertising is that it asks the … Read more