Legal Media

At J. Russo Productions, we understand that videotaping vital information by a professional, objective third party is the preferred and most effective method for preserving testimony or reconstructing an event when building an effective case. Over the years, our videos have enabled savvy attorneys to shorten negotiations and enhanced the value of their cases in mediation.

If you’re looking for visual leverage, here’s how we can help:

Persuasive Video Depositions

Increasingly used to complement the standard depositions currently being taken. Video depositions are a proven method for reaching an out of court settlement, due in part to the added visual impact. J. Russo Productions offers convenient on-site video recording for your depositions. Thanks to our extensive experience in production, we know how to produce an effective video within your set budget.

Legal Settlement Video Brochures

Create a mini documentary that presents compelling information to convince the opposition to make a large out-of-court settlement before the trial begins. Combine this style of video with narrative testimony from a trusted doctor, friend, family member, law enforcement official, employer, plaintiff and/or defendant. The goal is to make the opposition wary of going into court, which in turn can accelerate the settlement process.

Day-in-the-life Videos

Similar to a legal settlement video brochure, this is a video documentary aimed to show the judge and/or jury the facts in an effort to sway them to award a larger sum in your favor.
These videos are crafted to show how an accident has affected a plaintiff’s life by depicting that person’s daily routine: from getting out-of-bed in the morning, to getting around throughout the day.
Shown in court, a jury would see the effects of the injury, creating powerful emotional resonance — this can be a very powerful tool to fairly sway a jury before they begin their deliberation process.

Television Commercials

In recent years, television advertising has morphed into the marketing tool of choice for law offices both large and small. Stay ahead of the field with a creative, results-oriented TV spot.

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Transcend the white noise of a saturated media environment. Stand out and make people take notice.

With over 15 years of experience as a video production company, J. Russo Productions has established a reputation as one of the leading video production companies for burgeoning small businesses, manufacturing companies and corporations in Connecticut.

As a full-service video production company for broadcast, online and offline video marketing, we have a streamlined and transparent process from concept to delivery of your project within budget and always on time.

Consider us a fundamental part of your marketing communications efforts– our main goal is to support you in crafting a compelling visual message that inspires action, whether it be a pull at the heart strings or an appeal to the mind. Remember, whether you’re marketing a new product, training new employees, or reaching out to stakeholders to develop support for a new project, we’re here to help you get to the heart of things.

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