Direct Response & Infomercials

Direct response advertising is designed to trigger an immediate emotional response from your viewers. This method creatively and effectively influences prospective customers to respond quickly to the advertiser.

The distinguishing characteristic of direct response advertising is that it asks the target audience to respond back directly to the advertiser through revenue driving techniques such as providing your audience a toll free number to call or website information to log on and order. These tools can be delivered innovatively through several media channels, including television commercials.

You see direct response advertising on a daily basis even though you may not realize it. Direct response commercials are usually sixty seconds but we also produce campaigns featuring every length of commercial to best suit your advertising needs. J. Russo Productions will build out your direct response campaign based on a “formula for selling” that we have perfected. Contact us for new perspectives on your direct response campaign to utilize and enhance this revenue driving method.

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Do you know why infomercials are making a comeback? They work! Acting as a long form-advertising vehicle, infomercials are designed to generate leads and increase sales overall. The foundation of a successful direct response campaign is the “call to action.” Infomercials are an effective strategy for creating the “call to action” necessary for direct response advertising. At its core, direct response advertising is a marketing message that incorporates “call to action” as infomercials are an effective way to create that action. Infomercials are designed to improve lead generation and excel at providing valuable information to potential customers about big-ticket items before they make a purchase.

Whether you aim to close a sale, generate a prospect list or even to recruit employees, we will help you identify the ultimate goal of your infomercial. Our acclaimed script writing team will develop a thirty-minute story to deliver your message, inform, and motivate your customers.

There is a specific formula for creating successful infomercials and we have studied and mastered it. Contact us for a meeting so that we may better introduce you to the world of inventive and efficient infomercials.

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Direct Response & Infomercial Portfolio

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