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How to Increase Engagement Through Video Marketing

One of the most important objectives for any marketer is increasing engagement with each website visitor. There’s no shortage on content accessible through the internet, and because of that, a first impression could be your only opportunity to impress.

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June 24, 2016

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Regardless of the product you manufacture, you need to tell your story to potential customers.

Videos can help to distinguish your business and increase your chances to provide unexpected service.

Many of our manufacturing clients believe that the facility tours they provide are an integral factor in winning more business. Video is the easiest way to bring your customers “into” your company sooner in the process.

  • Tell a story about your company and what differentiates you. Generally, most manufacturing companies start here, aiming for a simple yet effective way to communicate who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Condensing the content to create a visually stunning message is the key to a successful overview video. company
  • Showcase your products and capabilities. Large portions of manufacturers depend on their facility tour to impress new prospects. Video can help you to present your facility tour to a much broader audience. Video allows you to emphasize the things that help close deals earlier in the process.
  • Provide proactive customer training and support. Product support is essential for retaining customers. Utilize FAQ videos, customer training, thank you videos and more to mitigate pre-sale questions and post-sale support. By proactively delivering excellent customer service, your team will deal with fewer issues.
  • Customer Testimonials. Authentic, professionally shot testimonial videos make a significant impact on potential customers. They render emotion in your audience, making the video memorable and actionable; bringing life to your call to action.

Check out how some of our manufacturing clients use video to improve their operations and drive new business.

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